New 3CX PBX Deployment Wizard (formerly PBXexpress)

Following the release of the new Customer Portal, the 3CX Cloud Team brings you a brand new Deployment Wizard! Previously known as the PBXexpress, the system has undergone a complete overhaul, was updated to the latest APIs and includes many new features.

Restore in Self-Hosted
You can now upload backups up to 1GB, for hosted and self-hosted deployments. Backups are uploaded onto a secure storage pool within 3CX and are automatically deleted 24h after deployment.

If you are self-hosting your own instance of 3CX, you can now name your own 3CX instances, and we will include the CPU and RAM specs of the instance type for your convenience.

For customers who prefer to deploy 3CX via the hosting provider’s marketplace directly, we will be submitting new images to the providers with the release of v18 U1. Important to note that the 3CX deployment service offers more features.

Kio estas via nomo?

We don’t speak Esperanto yet but now you can enjoy the 3CX Customer Portal in Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian including the 3CX certification program.

Try out our new 3CX Partner Portal

We’ve released a Beta version of the 3CX Partner Portal, which we invite you to try out. The portal incorporates many requests from our partners and channel sales executives, to help improve day to day operations.

The new Partner Portal includes:

A more flexible search
Better manageability of Hosted by 3CX installs
A refined interface to manage 3CX listings.
To access the new Partner Portal, login to and click “Try new portal (beta)” button in the top right.

Please note that in this Beta version, POCs and Leads cannot be managed from the new portal. We are working hard to bring you those features as soon as possible. Let us know your feedback in the community forum.

What’s next on the roadmap?
To smoothen the setup for MS Teams, we have partnered with a trusted root certification authority to generate certificates for MS Direct Routing deployments – a common pitfall during the setup process.

Digital Ocean will be added to the 3CX Deployment Wizard for self-hosting capabilities and we are in talks with a popular hosting provider in Russia.

For now, this shall be all, we hope you like the new services as much as we do. We look forward to hearing from you in our forum.