Azure Communications Gateway is a managed, cloud-based voice gateway that simplifies connecting operator fixed and mobile voice networks to Teams Phone. It combines a high-availability, Teams-certified and mobile-standards-compliant Session Border Controller (SBC) with API mediation function—removing the need for disruptive voice network changes and substantial IT system integration projects.

Accelerate new enterprise product introduction

Rapidly launch new enterprise services in weeks rather than the months or years it can take to source and deploy new in-network hardware by introducing a managed, cloud-based gateway to provide interconnection between your network and Teams.

Simplify interworking with Microsoft Teams

Reduce the need for costly network adaptation and avoid operational disruption to your production network. Azure Communications Gateway establishes and manages the interworking between an operator’s fixed and/or mobile networks and Microsoft Teams by managing a single interface from the operators network(s) into Teams.

Increase customer success by keeping pace with Teams innovation

Plan for the future with a service built to support new Teams calling features and functionality as they’re rolled out so your customers won’t have to wait.

Take a low-risk path to service monetization

Reduce financial risk with a pay-as-you-grow model, removing the need for one-time hardware spend, software upgrades, and disruptive end-of-life events of a build-your-own approach.

Enjoy a centralized support structure

Simplify troubleshooting with support tickets managed across operator networks and central, around-the-clock Microsoft support. Support logs are securely stored in Azure Data Storage.